We Believe Mentorship Can Be The Key To Your Success

We believe in gender equality and female leadership. We also believe that in order to achieve a more diverse and equal workplace we must provide tools and resources for women to help elevate them to the next level.


A mentor is that one person who can guide you, help you, take you under her (or his) wing and nurture your career path. What separates a mentor from the average network contact is long-term commitment and a deep-seated investment in your future.

Where a typical network contact might be associated with quick introductions, exchanges of business cards, and phone calls, your relationship with a mentor involves long sessions and time spent one-on-one. A mentor is often in a position you’d like to be in and has the clout and connections to guide you to a similar position. He or she is someone you probably have unusually good chemistry with who will share stories with you of his or her own climb to success. An effective mentor isn’t afraid to criticize constructively.

In addition, being a mentor can be incredibly rewarding. Not only are you helping a person achieve their goals, you're also helping yourself grow along the way. You have an opportunity to lend knowledge while learning what our next generation of leaders are going through. 

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