I thrive on being surrounded by other ambitious women - when we come together and lift each other up is when we truly succeed. 

I'm passionate about equality in the workplace and it's essential to push for parity. There are too few female leaders, but an enormous amount of talented and capable women.  We must stand together and continue to fight for our seat at the table. This is what Ambitious Women® is all about - working together, empowering one another and leading the way for future female leaders.

- Stacey Bean, Founder

We believe that we must empower our future female leaders by providing support, education and community. Ambitious Women is focused on curating a community of empowered women through engaging events, educational panels and conferences, online social networking, providing educational information through articles,  video and audio content. We're also dedicated to growing our one-on-one mentorship programs. 

We believe it's more than women supporting women. Our goal is to create gender partnerships and engage both men & women about the importance of gender equality.